Businesses and brands

The Banca IFIS Group is the only independent banking group in Italy that specialises in the segment of trade receivables, distressed retail loans and tax receivables.

The brands and business areas through which the Group operates, financing the real economy, are:

  • Credi Impresa Futuro, dedicated to supporting the trade receivables of small- and medium-sized enterprises operating in the Italian market through factoring;
  • Banca IFIS International, for companies growing abroad or based abroad and working with Italian customers;
  • Banca IFIS Pharma and Pharmacies, supporting the trade receivables of local health services’ suppliers and pharmacists;
  • Credi Famiglia and NPL Area, dedicated to the operations of the business area active in the distressed retail loans segment;
  • Fast Finance, focusing on the segment of tax receivables arising mainly from insolvency proceedings.

The Bank carries out its retail funding business through the following brands and products:

  • rendimax, the online savings account, completely free, offered to individuals, business customers and for insolvency proceedings;
  • contomax, born in January 2013, the online crowd current account.

 Listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana, the Banca IFIS Group has always been an innovative and steadily growing company.