Distressed Retail Loans (DRL) Segment

This is the Group’s Area dedicated to factoring distressed retail loans in Italy's unsecured retail market. Based in Florence, the NPL Area stands out for its ability to assess, acquire and manage important portfolios and to establish a massive database containing detailed information about over one million debtors. The recent acquisitions of NPL portfolios finalised in 2015 contributed to this impressive figure. The NPL Area focuses mainly on NPLs from consumer, rating, and automotive loans, as well as unsecured retail loans. It operates also in the segment of NPLs from asset/salary-backed consumer credit/retail loans due from individuals. Finally, it is also considering the opportunity of dealing with receivables guaranteed by third parties (through surety bonds, loan guarantee consortia, others) due from corporate counterparties. Today, the NPL area is one of Italy's leading debt buyers.

In 2013, the Bank launched CrediFamiglia, which focuses on addressing the financial problems of households and individuals, upholding the values of dialogue, transparency, knowledge, ethics and sustainability. As for the type of debtors, they can be broken down into individuals with or without steady employment or pension income and businesses, differentiating between limited companies on the one hand and partnerships/sole proprietorships on the other. Finally, in terms of debt collection operations, there are two macro-areas, i.e. judicial and non-judicial. Professionals with CrediFamiglia and the NPL Area manage them through four channels: call centre, in-house network, external network, and Legal Factory. The brand's website is www.credifamiglia.it